Huygenskwartier Voorburg: two unique historic museums

The two leading museums in Huygenskwartier Voorburg: Huygens’ Hofwijck (left) and Museum Swaensteyn (right).

You’ll find two renowned museums in Huygenskwartier Voorburg: Huygens’ Hofwijck and Museum Swaensteyn.

Both museums host high-profile exhibitions, as well as organise guided tours, excursions and workshops. The ideal opportunity to combine shopping with a spot of culture!

Located next to the station, Huygens’ Hofwijck is one of the country’s best preserved Golden Age monuments. Now a museum, this impressive building charts the 17th-century heyday of trade, science and the arts in the Netherlands.

Recalling its rich history, Huygenskwartier Voorburg is named after Constantijn Huygens (a renowned Dutch poet and advisor to the House of Orange) and his son Christiaan Huygens (a prominent astronomer, physicist and inventor). They had an enormous impact on Voorburg, not least for commissioning the construction of Hofwijck.

Museum Swaensteyn focuses on the Romans and Forum Hadriani (the most westerly city of the Roman Empire) and the extraordinary life of Princess Marianne, the youngest daughter of King William I of the Netherlands. The museum also houses a tourist information point.