Park for free

Huygenskwartier Voorburg is easily accessible by car. You can also park for free in the Raadhuisstraat car park, the car park under the NS station or in the car park on Westvlietweg.

Visit Huygenskwartier by bike

Do you live in Voorburg or near Voorburg? Then visit the Huygenskwartier by bike. Huygenshaven You can also moor in our Huygenshaven; from there you can walk straight into the Huygenskwartier Voorburg.


U kunt ook aanmeren in onze Huygenshaven; vanaf daar loopt u zo het Huygenskwartier Voorburg in.

Also easily accessible by public transport

Huygenskwartier Voorburg is also easily accessible by public transport. The bus and train station is an excellent starting point for a day of shopping. A train stops several times an hour at the station and buses stop from all over the region. So whichever direction you come from: Huygenskwartier Voorburg with its history, culture, shops, boutiques, restaurants and more, is easily accessible!