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Compliance with the Web Guidelines

The website of the municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg complies with the Web Guidelines version 2, level AA.

Guiding principles

  • Work processes: application of the Web Guidelines is fundamentally incorporated into the work processes.
  • Agreements and contracts: accessibility is a condition of the architecture principles.
  • Expertise and skills: employees possess a sound knowledge of the Web Guidelines. Whenever necessary, the assistance of external experts is sought. These experts help to develop solutions, conduct research and train the employees.
  • Software: the web editors use software to input accessible content to HTML pages, including text, images, forms and tables.


A new website was developed in 2016. Accessibility experts were involved throughout the development process, and the input from these experts was directly applied during the construction of the website. However, the accessibility of the website is yet to be assessed, partly in light of the fact that further development is planned in the near future.


Consequently, the possibility of certain parts of this website not being accessible to everyone cannot be ruled out.


We will continue to develop this website. Accessibility issues identified by experts or visitors to the website will be taken into consideration during development.


  • Inspections: completions and periodical checks are conducted by independent experts.
  • Periodical internal checks: subjects are identified for checking and optimisation.


If you are unable to find information due to accessibility issues linked to the aforementioned aspects, please contact us by calling 14 070.


Several aspects demand special attention with an individual schedule. These aspects are outlined above.

Problems, questions and comments

We have made every effort to safeguard accessibility on this website. Should you nevertheless experience accessibility issues on our website, please contact us by sending an email to huygenskwartiervoorburg@lv.nl.

Please at least state the issue and the URL to the page in question.


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Usefulness and necessity

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User data

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